Окна в коттедже

For the durability of the windows, not only the production process is important, but also the correctly carried out installation is essential. The best option is to contact a product-oriented company, which will install your windows. However, let us discuss aspects, which are worth special attention.

When the windows are installed, there are usually at least three layers.

  • The outer layer. It is made of different waterproofing and vapor-permeable materials, such as mastic compounds. The main purpose of this layer is to provide waterproofing. It cannot be covered by any vapor seal coverings, plaster or paints.
  • The middle layer. It is made of heat insulating materials. Usually it is construction foam, but other materials can also be used (mineral wool, etc.). The filling should be solid, taking the entire space inside, without any open-end holes.
  • The inner layer. It is made of vapor sealing materials. The main purpose of the layer is to prevent the vapor from outside from getting into the room, under the windowsill or to the window reveals. It is made in the same way as the outer layer from mastic compounds.
  • All the jobs are executed in compliance with GOST 30971-2002.


We offer installation and dismantling services for our production, carried out by our specialists. If needed we can also dismantle old window units.

It is better to let our masters carry out dismantling, because they will do it in the safest manner for the building and for the window opening.

The cost of dismantling depends on the building type and the size of the window units. In old buildings, it will be more complicated and thus more expensive than in a new building.