Работник в цеху

Our own production allows us to control all the stages of window units’ production (from preparing the material to delivery).

Highly skilled professionals that are involved during all production stages guarantee the quality and reliability of the goods.

The production process involves a number of different procedures: preparation of all the required paperwork, preparation of glued laminated lumber, which was dried to 8-12% of its natural water content (stripped of bark, cracks and knots boards are sorted depending on the wood type, size and other characteristics), processing with Unicontrol tool (lumber profiling), assembling, paint shop (lumber treatment, smoothing, two layers coating according to RAL or paint gauge), final assembling of ready goods (installation of glass units, fittings, decorative elements), technical control department.

As a manufacturer, we can offer our customers goods made of pine, larch wood, oak and alder (for saunas).

All the goods are produced in compliance with GOST 24700-99.

The production is located at St. Petersburg, Volkovki embankment, 17