Wooden Windows IV 78 with glass unit

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Coating of the inner wooden part of the window
Coating of the outer wooden part of the window
Types of wood
for 1 square meter of the window start from
8 738.25 ruble
The final price depends on such aspects as:

- Size, color and set of a window unit
- Filling, presence of additional elements (frame bars, sash imitations)
- Complexity of window installation

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Glass unit IV 78 cross section
Window case
constructional part,
pine, larch wood, oak
Glass unit
Translucent part.
Due to the complex structure
the glass unit provides
almost 100% sound and heatproof
Window sash
The opening part
(pine, larch wood, oak)
Drain profile
An aluminum battening plate protects the
lower part of the window case from weather.
Silicone sealer
This kind of sealer does
not lose shape or its sealing
properties, does not change
color and is not affected
by mold or fungus
Glazing bead
This structural element fixes
the glass unit
and is extra leak-proof.
The seal is not only
a functional element,
but also enhances the aesthetic
appeal of the inner
part of the sash.
Draught strip
We provide primary and
secondary seals,
which guarantees no
draughts and noise.
Due to the European
quality our draught
strips are wear proof.
Glazing bead
An aluminum battening plate
protects the lower part
of the window case from weather.

High quality structures made of even valuable kinds of wood are affordable for owners of any kind of property, either apartments or offices. Timber structures are good value for money due to their high quality, attractive look and durability.

Factors, that affect the final price of the windows

The price depends on several aspects:

  1. The kind of wood and its quality. For example we take into account the type of mechanical processing of wood, varnish-and-paint surface and GOST
  2. The quality of finishing and filling. Particularly the type and quantity of fittings are very important.
  3. Sale process. The best prices for windows in St Petersburg are guaranteed only if you buy straight from the manufacturer.

Please note, that modern affordable products will suit any building. Such products are both high-quality and attractive. The price depends on the material type, technical features, fittings type and quality. Naturally these structures are more expensive in comparison to plastic window units, but they are still good value for money, because they are durable, practical and attractive.

Materials used for window production