входная дверь из массива дерева

The company “Remeslennik” offers its customers high quality modern and attractive wooden entrance doors at reasonable prices. Due to the new technologies, our own production base and a great team of skilled artisans we can create designs of any complexity. We guarantee quick production of custom designs. We think outside the box and apply unusual design solutions. If needed we can create a design to your custom dimensions.

Advantages of our company:

  • Production in St. Petersburg
  • 10 years’ guarantee
  • Highest quality and region’s best prices
  • High strength and durability of door panels
  • Mechanical stability and burglary resistance
  • We can carry out any home design
  • We provide delivery and installation

We offer our customers different classes of goods, starting with “economy” and finishing with “luxury”. You will be able to find your best options, depending on the price, style and technical features.

The cost of a door made of solid pine starts from 39000 rubles.

The final price depends on such aspects as:

– Size, color and set of a door unit
– Filling, presence of additional elements
– Complexity of door installation

Our designs